AboutAustin Trahern

Austin Trahern is a 32-year-old trainee doctor who enjoys photography, going to the movies and helping old ladies across the road. He is Trustworthy and caring, but can also be very Trying to please everyone and a bit impatient.

Physically, Austin is not in great shape. He needs to lose quite a lot of weight. He is short with fair skin, black hair and brown eyes.

He grew up in an upper-class neighborhood. He was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents.

He is currently married to Shauna Laura Khan. Shauna is the same age as him and works as an artist.

Austin's best friend is a trainee doctor called Elliott Simpson. They have a very good friendship. He also hangs around with Elsie Davies and Jesse Price. They enjoy sailing together.

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  • Address Colorado Springs, CO